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  • Train your brain with our fun memory games!
    Learn over 500 words and short phrases
    15 themes to explore
    Lots of funny pictures and animations!
    Native speakers to help you learn pronunciations
    Four levels of difficulty
    Play the mix to test your skills
    Play anywhere: available on PC, tablet, and smartphone

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Hints & Tips

Thank you for taking the time to read these tips.
What do need in order to learn a language?
To start with you need words.
After all, if you want to build a house, you need bricks.

The words of a language can be seen as the bricks of a house.
With us at www.lingomemory.com you will learn more than 500 common words and short, simple sentences. For example, greeting and the names of animals.
How do you greet someone in Spanish? How do you say - goodbye - in French? If you have a problem in Italy, how do you shout for help?

Don't forget German either, because who knows, you might want to do business with the Germans someday.
Learn some Dutch too. It is the third Germanic language in the world. On holiday in Portugal? What's the name of the pool in Portuguese again? If you have already practiced Spanish or Italian on our site, you know that you can swim in the piscina in Spain, Italy and Portugal.
We have also added the Chinese language (Mandarin). Try it! Then at least you can say - hello - and - goodbye - in Chinese. Our unique Memory+ system with four levels is very suitable for learning the Chinese short sounds.

On www.lingomemory.com you can take your first virtual steps into a new language, with the help of our amusing animations. Alongside learning hundreds new words you will also train your memory and keep your mind young!

Thanks to the Memory+ system, with four levels per word group, you will make a flying start in your language journey!

Start by playing Level 1, where you will be introduced to the new vocabulary. Stay on this level until you have mastered the meaning of all the words on the cards. At the end of the level write down all the new words you have learnt. Giving your memory a boost and developing your language skills even further.

All the words and phrases are pronounced by native speakers. Spend time saying each word/phrase out load and you will soon find yourself mastering the correct pronunciation.

Once you have mastered Level 1 you are ready for Level 2. Here it gets trickier as there are no more pictures to help you! Play this level multiple times and keep parroting!

Now you are ready for Level 3. Here you have to match the meaning of your own language with the new language you are learning. But don’t panic, the pictures are back to help you!

On to Level 4 where you have to prove that you've learned the correct meaning of the words and phrases in the previous levels. There are no more pictures to help you so let’s see what you can remember!

At the bottom of each block are the mixes. The mixes are also available in each of the 4 levels, but here the cards from all the levels are mixed into one big game. This is the game for advanced linguists, a real workout for your memory!

Diamond, gold, silver and bronze. If you master the game in just a few turns you can win diamond or gold. Diamond and gold are reserved for players who make (almost) no mistakes and who also have a bit of luck. Just like in top sport.
A silver cup is also great, and bronze is still a prize.

Have fun playing the game and keep improving your language skills.
It’s never too late to learn!
The team of www.lingopirate.com